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Japanese Alcohol and Soft drinks

Creating a new beverage culture side by side with our consumers and fostering well-being and prosperity among people and societies

Core Products


Kirin Ichiban Shibori
Happo-shu (Low-Malt Beer)
Kirin Tanrei GREEN LABEL
New Genre
Kirin Nodogoshi Nama (made from soybeans)
Non-Alcoholic Beer
Kirin FREE


Chateau Mercian Kikyogahara Merlot
Mercian no-sulfite-added wine
St Hallett Tatiara
Sunrise Sparkling

RTDs, Spirits and other alcohol beverages

RTD (Ready-to-drink)
Kirin Chu-hi Hyoketsu
Kirin Hakusui
Johnnie Walker Black Label
Bourbon Whiskey
Four Roses

Soft Drinks

Kirin Fire
Black Tea
Kirin Gogo-no-Kocha
Japanese Tea
Kirin Nama-cha
Mineral Water

Business Overview

Kirin Co., Ltd. was established with a mission to expand the Kirin Group's core domestic integrated beverages business by strengthening of collaboration among Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd., Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd., and Mercian Corporation and by implementing well-coordinated strategic initiatives. We offer customers a broad range of alcohol and non-alcohol beverage products and new ways of enjoying them in a variety of lifestyle scenes, so as to increase the value of the Kirin brand and individual product brands.brand and individual product brands.

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