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Meeting Ever-Growing Health Needs

Our Philosophy regarding Products and Health

Kirin Group companies, whether in the beverage or food business, listen to customers and align their processes of developing, manufacturing, and marketing products to add new value to them. We have been translating customers' growing health needs into a variety of products, and will continue to leverage our technical expertise to offer health conscious customers a wider variety of alternatives to choose from.

Product Development Cycle

We incorporate VOC into the product development cycle ranging from R&D to manufacturing to marketing.

Our Commitments to Health Needs

As a growing number of Japanese are suffering with lifestyle-induced diseases, the medical community is shifting its focus from therapeutic care to preventive care, which includes encouraging a well-balanced diet to stay healthy. People will likely become more health-conscious and have more diverse values and needs for healthy living. The Kirin Group—believing that people need to be physically, mentally, and socially healthy to be truly wholesome—offers products and services that extend beyond the health and functional food business to promote health from different perspectives. Based on this philosophy, the Kirin Group has made a collective effort to launch a health project: Kirin Plus-i. Leveraging our wealth of research achievements and technologies, the project offers products that enable customers to have hard-to-take food items and drinks as well as those with health benefits as part of their daily diet. By adding the value "health" to everyday life, we aim at connecting people happily and widening this circle to include society as a whole in our continued endeavor to offer products that add health to food items that are pleasant to eat.

Kirin Group's CSR
Ensuring Food Safety and Helping Customers Stay Healthy
  • Our Philosophy on Delivering on the Brand Promise
  • Dialogue with Customers
  • Meeting Ever-Growing Health Needs
  • Universal Design
  • Pharmaceutical Business
  • Quality Assurance
  • Integrated Beverage Analysis Center
  • Safeguards against Radioactive Contamination
Environmental Sustainability
Contributing to Community Development
Valuing Employees
Collaborative Relationships with Business Partners
Information on Kirin Group Companies' Sustainability Efforts

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