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Initiatives to address human rights problemRespecting Human Rights

Activities Across the Value Chain to Respect Human Rights

We ensure that human rights are upheld not just for Kirin Group employees but throughout the value chain. In 2005, the Kirin Group announced its participation in the United Nations Global Compact. The principles of the Global Compact are incorporated in the “Kirin Group Compliance Guidelines” and the “Kirin Group Supplier CSR Guidelines,” and the Group complies thoroughly with them. The “Kirin Group Compliance Guidelines” state in the “Relations with Employees” section that the Group respects employees’ human rights, bans discrimination and harassment in workplaces, and also child labor and forced labor. Meanwhile, the “Kirin Group Supplier CSR Guidelines” prohibit child labor, discrimination, inhumane treatment, and forced labor, and promote safety and cleanliness in the workplace in the “Respect for Human Dignity” section. We promote adherence to the Guidelines with our suppliers.
As the scale and scope of the Kirin Group’s business extends beyond national boundaries, the scope of human rights that the Group must address is expanding. We continue to take on the Group-wide challenge of establishing a system for ensuring that human rights are upheld throughout our value chain and take steps to achieve our objectives.

Relations with Employees – Respect for Human Rights and Prohibition of Discrimination
(An excerpt from the “Kirin Group Compliance Guidelines”)

Always maintain a workplace environment that is safe and comfortable to work in, respect everyone’s human rights, and do not engage in acts that lead to discrimination.

Do not engage in any form of discrimination based on differences of race, ethnicity, nationality, social status, lineage, sex, disability, health conditions, ideology, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, occupation, or occupational status.
In accordance with internationally recognized standards, we support and practice the elimination of all kinds of forced labor and substantial abolition of child labor.
Implement human rights training and other human rights education activities throughout the company and actively participate in these activities.

Activities to Respect Human Rights

Training employees on human rights

To promote respect for human rights, we train employees on human rights and compliance every year. We also provide executive training sessions on human rights to presidents and general managers of Group companies every year. We appoint and train a staff member in charge of human rights promotion in each Group company and hold study groups and training sessions to raise awareness of human rights in workplaces throughout the Group. To review the effectiveness of such measures, we conduct a survey on human rights awareness among Group company employees every year. We use the survey results to assess changes in awareness among employees and issues to be resolved in each Group company and plan our future activities accordingly.
In our overseas Group companies, we use a Risk management system to identify human rights risks. Currently, we are taking on the challenge of further promoting understanding and respect for human rights among suppliers of overseas Group companies. As part of this effort, we visit locations and conduct interviews to formulate measures that meet the social conditions of individual countries.


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