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Message from President & CEO

The Kirin Group will draw on its unique strengths to create value together with society and to achieve sustained growth.

In 2016, the first year of the 2016–2018 Medium-Term Business Plan (2016 MTBP), we achieved profits that substantially exceeded the guidance given at the beginning of the year.
Our measures to restructure low-profit businesses are making progress at a faster pace than expected, and in addition we have gotten off to a favorable start in addressing the issue of leveraging the Kirin Group’s strengths to create new value.
However, the Kirin Group has just begun to address the issues that it faces. Accordingly, we will continue to move ahead with structural reforms and establish a strong profit base. Moreover, we have positioned “health and well-being,” “community engagement,” and “the environment,” which are closely related to the Group’s core businesses, as priority social issues over the medium to long term. On that basis, we will further accelerate innovation and advance management with a commitment to the realization of social value and economic value.
As the Kirin Group’s CEO, I will focus on results and work to achieve gains each year to enhance corporate value. In this way, I will strive to ensure that the Kirin Group continues to earn the trust of its stakeholders.

President & CEO



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