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Kirin Group at a Glance

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A hint of healthiness in every taste

Leveraging Kirin’s unique strength to address market needs related to well-being

The Kirin Group has incorporated the themes of “food and well-being” into its corporate philosophy, and, as needs related to well-being have diversified along with changes in society, the Group has taken steps to use its technological capabilities to address those needs. In recent years, the average life span in Japan has increased, and there are growing needs toward products and services that shift from treatment to prevention.
Accordingly, the market for health-related products is expected to record continued growth. To support healthy lifestyles, the Kirin Group has drawn on its original technologies, which are based on the fermentation and biotechnological capabilities cultivated since the Group’s founding, to develop a wide array of products. Among these are products that add health-related benefits to great taste as well as products that feature low levels of sugar and calories and have low burdens on the human body.

World’s first*1new genre beverage with “0 purines, 0 carbohydrate, and reduced calories,”*2 Kirin Nodogoshi All Light

By leveraging technologies and know-how developed over many years, we achieved 0 purines, 0 carbohydrate, and reduced calories with Kirin Nodogoshi All Light. In addition to consumers who worry about purines, Kirin Nodogoshi All Light has also earned the support of young women. Sales of this product have exceeded expectations, and it has become a driving force in the market for functional products.

  • *1. World’s first beer-flavored alcoholic beverage with 0 purines, 0 carbohydrate, and reduced calories (Kirin estimates)
  • *2. 0 purines: Less than 0.5 mg of purines per 100 ml indicated as 0 purines
    0 carbohydrate: According to nutritional labeling standards
    Reduced calories: According to nutritional labeling standards

Promoting healthy lifestyles: The Goodness Project

In Australia, Lion’s dairy and drinks business is advancing The Goodness Project, under which it is working to increase the share of its in-house products accounted for by products that enable healthy lifestyles even if consumed every day. Under this project, Lion’s goal is for these products to account for 80% of in-house products by 2019. In addition, Lion will aim to develop products that offer reduced chemical substances, such as artificial seasonings, and do not use trans-fats. In these ways, Lion is working to support the healthy lifestyles of people in Australia.

Promoting foods with function claims:Perfect Free and Shokuji no Nama-cha

Our non-alcoholic beer taste drink, Perfect Free, offers dual functionality in suppressing fat absorption and moderating sugar absorption. Shokuji no Nama-cha provides triple functionality by combining indigestible dextrin to offer the function of regulating the gastrointestinal condition in addition to the two functions just mentioned.

“Lactococcus Plasma”

Kirin and Koiwai Dairy Products were the first to discover the health value of “Lactococcus Plasma,” which is the lactic acid bacteria used in Mamoru Chikara beverages for people who are busy each day and unable to rest. Currently, we offer “Lactococcus Plasma” series products in a variety of categories, including yogurt flavored beverages, yogurts, and supplements.


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