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May 22, 2009

Kirin Holdings Completes Acquisition of San Miguel Brewery Shares

Tokyo, May 22, 2009— Further to the press release announced on February 20, 2009 ("Share Acquisition for Investment in the Beer Business of San Miguel"), Kirin Holdings Company, Limited (Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO, Kazuyasu Kato) has completed today the acquisition of the shares in San Miguel Brewery, Inc. (Manila, Philippines; Chairman, Ramon S. Ang; hereafter, "SMB"). Kirin's resulting ownership, combined with its partial acquisition of SMB shares on April 30, is 7,443,871,280 shares (48.304% of the issued and outstanding shares).

1. Overview of the Shares Acquired

(1) Number of Shares Acquired: 4,479,621,199 shares from San Miguel Corporation (hereafter , "SMC")
(2) Percent Owned After Acquisition: 48.304%*1
(3) Purchase Price: Php39.6 billion (Approx. ¥79.2 billion*2)
(4) Date of Acquisition: May 22, 2009

2. Overview of the Shares Acquired on April 30, 2009

(1) Number of Shares Acquired: 2,185,402,491 shares from SMC
778,847,590 shares from public shareholders
(2) Purchase Price: Php26.21 billion (approx. ¥52.4 billion*2)
(3) Date of Acquisition: April 30, 2009
  • *1 Based on the number of shares as of December 31, 2008.
  • *2 Php1.00 = ¥2.0 (as of April 28 and May 21, 2009)

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