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Japan Non-alcoholic Beverages Businesses

Kirin Beverage Company, Limited provides a number of famous brands, including Kirin Gogo-no-Kocha, the leading brand in the Japanese black tea market since its introduction in 1986; Kirin FIRE, a coffee drink that focuses on the roasting temperature to bring out a deep flavor; and Kirin Nama-cha, a full flavored green tea extracted at a low temperature and using finely ground tea leaves to minimize the bitter flavor. Also, the company provides products with strong proposals, such as iMUSE Lemon and Lactococcus lactis that includes Kirin’s unique Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma; Kirin Mets COLA, the first cola drink to be designated as a food for specified health use; and Kirin Sekai-no-Kitchen-Kara, which is inspired by insights from homemade cooking from around the world, and the company is delivering new value to consumers.


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