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Overseas Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages

We pursue growth opportunities overseas by working proactively and closely with our local corporate partners to achieve greater synergy.

The Kirin Group is implementing business strategies on a global basis in the field of “Food and Well-being”. From a foundation of trust, we will grow business opportunities through strong and close cooperation with our local corporate partners. This will enable us to achieve greater synergy in each business for increased corporate value as well as to continuously provide attractive products and services that meet the needs of our local customers.


Lion Pty Ltd is the main driver of our integrated beverages business in Oceania. Through Lion, a leading company in the alcoholic beverage industry, we are focusing on the reactivation of the beer market. Meanwhile, we are adding new value to the dairy and soft drinks business, through our commitment such as to offer products to support a healthy diet for our consumers.

Southeast Asia

In the alcoholic beverages business in Southeast Asia, we continue to build and strengthen the Kirin brands and those of our local corporate partners, including San Miguel Brewery in the Philippines, and Myanmar Brewery which joined the Kirin Group in August 2015. In the soft drinks business, we offer juice and bottled-tea products to meet the needs of consumers in Vietnam.


The alcoholic beverages business operates under Kirin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. which manages the development and sales of the Kirin and other local partner brands. We have also established a joint venture for soft drink beverages with China Resources Enterprise, Ltd. in order to merge the strengths of the two companies for the expansion of the core bottled-water business as well as for the accelerated development of new product categories in China.


AZUMA KIRIN (the new company name of Indústria Agrícola Tozan from July 2016) produces sake (refined rice wine) and seasonings such as soy sauce and miso, and sells food rice. The local sake brand, Azuma Kirin, which is popular among consumers mainly in the southeastern part of Brazil.


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