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The History of Château Mercian

These are the origins of winemaking in Japan, centered in the town of Katsunuma in Koshu City,
Yamanashi Prefecture, and the story of how the Château Mercian brand was born.


Dainihon Yamanashi Wine Company: Japan’s first private winery

The history of wine in Japan begins with Japan’s first private winery, the Dainihon Yamanashi Wine Company.


Daikoku Wine

At a time when few in Japan were familiar with wine, one man called on the Seven Lucky Gods of fortune to help him spread quality wine in his home country.


The Start of Château Mercian

The Mercian brand was launched in 1949 as authentic wine produced in Japan. Here is the story of how it popularized dry wines back when sweet wines were the mainstream.


Toward the Next Stage

Based on the philosophy of “Learning from the world to nurture the uniqueness of Japan,” Château Mercian is ready to show the world its new label and the exceptional wine that Japan can produce.


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