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Corporate History

1885Jul. Japan Brewery Co., Ltd. (the forerunner of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.) established.
Pre-Kirin Brewery Years: Japan Brewery Company, Limited

Minutes of Directors' Meeting of Japan Brewery
1888May Japan Brewery introduces German-style lager beer under the brand name Kirin Beer.
The Story Behind Kirin Beer Labels

Kirin Beer labels: from 1888 (left) and 1889 (right)
1907Feb. Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. established.
Kirin Brewery Company, Limited Established

1928Mar. Kirin Lemon – lemon-flavored carbonated drink –introduced.

Kirin Lemon poster in the early days
1941Aug. Haratori-Jidousya-Unyu Co.,Ltd.(the forerunner of Kirin Group Logistics Co., Ltd.) established.
1941Oct. Rimpo Shokai Ltd. (the forerunner of Kirin Echo Co., Ltd.) established.
1963Apr. Vending Machine Services Co., Ltd. (the forerunner of Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd.) established, selling soft drinks through vending machines.
Expanding Beer Production during the Period of Accelerated Economic Growth

Vending machine for Kirin Lemon
1971Dec. Hokkaido Kirin Lemon Service Co., Ltd.(the forerunner of Hokkaido Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd.) established.
1972Aug. Kirin-Seagram Co., Ltd. (the forerunner of Kirin Distillery Co., Ltd.) established.
Expanding Beer Production during the Period of Accelerated Economic Growth

1974Feb. Kirin-Seagram introduces Robert Brown, their first whisky made in Japan.
Expanding Beer Production during the Period of Accelerated Economic Growth
1976Jun. Koiwai Dairy Products Co., Ltd. established.
Pursuing Quality Rather Than Quantity after the Oil Crisis

Production line in Koiwai Dairy Products
1977May KW Inc. (the forerunner of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England,Inc.) established in the United States.
1978 Begins to sponsor the Japan Cup soccer(the forerunner of Kirin Cup Soccer).
1983May Kirin City Co., Ltd. established.

1983Aug. Heineken Japan K.K. (the forerunner of Heineken Kirin K.K.) established.
1986Sep. Heartland Beer introduced.

1986Oct. Kirin Gogo-no-Kocha, bottled black tea, introduced.

1986Nov. Yokohama Arena Co., Ltd. established.

1988Feb. Kirin & Communications Co., Ltd. established.
1988Mar. Kirin Engineering Co., Ltd. established.
1988May Taiwan Kirin Engineering Co., Ltd. (the forerunner of Taiwan Kirin Co., Ltd.) established.
1988May Kirin Business System Co., Ltd. established.


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