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Message from Top Management

Aim for Growth by Taking on the Challenge of Inspiring New and Innovative Values and Providing Solutions for Social Issues

The Kirin Group will offer redefined joy of food and well-being by focusing on people, nature, and craftsmanship. We have been carrying out our businesses globally in Japan as well as in areas such as Asia, Oceania, and Brazil, with a focus on the core businesses, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals and bio-chemicals.

We positioned the CSV (Creating Shared Value) approach, which attempts to achieve our sustainable growth through addressing social issues, as the strategic framework in the “New Kirin Group Vision 2021”, our long-term management vision to the year of 2021. We will take on the challenge of inspiring new and innovative values by leveraging our group’s technological strengths, hoping to contribute to the development of the society and bring joy and happiness to our consumers.

The surrounding business environment remains in a challenging condition with the maturation of the market, declining birthrate and aging society, and so forth. Nevertheless, over the history of more than 100 years, we have continued to overcome the hardships by turning “threats of change” as “opportunities for growth.” In the Kirin Group 2016 - 2018 Medium-Term Business Plan, we established a policy to “Restructure and Revitalize Kirin, group wide” and will invest, strengthen, and grow profit base of the beer businesses, restructure and revitalize the low-profit businesses, and invest to achieve outstanding growth of the pharmaceuticals and bio-chemicals business. We aim to pioneer a bright future with inspirations and innovations by coping with the environmental changes in a flexible and speedy manner.

In order to meet our stakeholders’ expectations, the Kirin Group will continue to commit to the “customer-oriented” and “quality-oriented” tradition which we have embraced since the foundation in 1907. We truly appreciate your understanding and unchanged support.

President and CEO
Kirin Holdings Company, Limited
Yoshinori Isozaki


© 2007 Kirin Holdings Company, Limited.

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