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Growing together with society by working to provide solutions for social issues

The Kirin Group announced the Long-Term Management Vision “Kirin Group Vision 2027” (“KV2027”) last year, and we clearly declared our intention to shift gears from revitalization to growth. In order to realize sustainable growth of the group, we are developing businesses across our world of Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverages that span the globe and aiming to become a global leader in CSV (Creating Shared Value).

As it becomes even more difficult to predict the future due to the dramatic transformations in the existing industrial structures, changes in international affairs and abnormal weather on a global scale, the immediate environment surrounding the Kirin Group is also starting to radically change, including contracting markets resulting from the declining birthrate and aging society, diversifying preferences, increased awareness of health and increased healthcare spending within the super-aging society. In order to realize sustainable growth even under this environment, we believe it is important to move forward together with society by providing solutions for social issues.

Since the founding of the company, the Kirin Group has positioned fermentation and biotechnology as the core technologies and evolved into a corporate group unlike any other in the world with expertise not just in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage business but also in the pharmaceutical business. As health and well-being needs continue to increase, we will utilize these technological capabilities, which are one of our strengths, going forward in the health science business.

In the Kirin Group 2019-2021 Medium-Term Business Plan, which covers the first three years of KV2027, along with further strengthening the earnings capability of the existing businesses, we are working to establish and foster health science businesses that will drive future growth. Last year, through the increased profits in the Japan Beer & Spirits and Non-alcoholic Beverages Businesses, market growth in Myanmar and contributions from the global strategic products in the pharmaceuticals business, we were able to achieve the normalized operating profit plan. The existing businesses are now better able to generate profits, and in the health science domain, we concluded a capital and business alliance with FANCL and accelerated the speed of fostering the businesses. In order to create businesses that drive long-term growth, we will work to create synergies for both companies.

We will continue to operate our businesses with the aim of growing together with society and meeting our stakeholders’ expectations. We truly appreciate your understanding and unchanged support.

President and CEO
Kirin Holdings Company, Limited
Yoshinori Isozaki


© 2007 Kirin Holdings Company, Limited.

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