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Creating Shared Value

As part of the Kirin Group’s long-term management vision, “Kirin Group Vision 2027” (KV2027),
we aim to create regional value, ranging from food to pharmaceuticals, and to become a global leader in CSV.*
To make this possible, we have formulated the Kirin Group CSV Purpose,
a guideline of long-term, non-financial goals that refer to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
in order to create shared value with society and promote sustainable growth.
In addition, we have revised our action plan, the Kirin Group CSV Commitment,
with the aim of achieving our CSV Purpose.
This revised CSV Commitment has been positioned as a non-financial target for
the “2019-2021 Kirin Group Medium-Term Business Plan”, and is to be implemented as a Groupwide effort.
We have highlighted our duty to be “a responsible alcohol producer” as well as the themes of
“health and well-being,” “community engagement,” and “the environment” as key social issues.
By addressing these issues, we will help create a prosperous society and a bright future for our customers.

Over the years, the expectations for companies to resolve social issues have increased rapidly due to
international frameworks, such as the SDGs and initiatives including the Principles for
Responsible Investment (PRI),
advocated by the financial industry. In addition, ESG-driven investment is also on a rapid rise.
The Kirin Group will enhance its risk management and improve its overall management capabilities by
responding to the needs of society.
At the same time, we see these social issues in a positive manner,
and will take them as opportunities for growth, promote innovation, a global leader in CSV,
creating value across Food & Beverages to Pharmaceuticals

* Abbreviation of creating shared value. Refers to the creation of
both social and economic value through efforts to resolve social issues.


© 2007 Kirin Holdings Company, Limited.

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