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The EnvironmentPolicy and System

Kirin Group Long-Term Environmental Vision

Kirin Group Long-Term Environmental Vision

The Kirin Group shares with all the people associated with its value chain
its aspiration to continue to enjoy the bounty of nature and pass it down to the generations to come.

  • Our direction:

    Realization of society that is based on 100% recycling

    The Kirin Group will use resources in a cyclical manner, so as to keep their use at or below the level that the Earth can replenish them, while reducing the environmental loads that the Kirin Group generates through its value chain.

  • Our efforts

    We will share responsibilities in the implementation of activities, working in cooperation with non-governmental organizations and industry groups, maintaining close communication with a wide range of stakeholders.

Kirin Group's Environmental Policy

Basic policy

Kirin Group, a supplier of food and health products, will contribute to building a society where people and nature live in harmony by reducing the carbon footprint of all its business operations, implementing environmental conservation activities, and bringing environmental value to its customers.

Activity policy

Two main concepts are:

1. Implementing an environmental policy throughout the entire value chain and all aspects of business activities, and

2. Assuring the quality of environmental activities through assessments and audits.

Under the leadership of top management and through the participation of all employees, Kirin Group will incorporate environmental measures into business management and pursue challenging goals by recognizing them as one of the top management priorities.

Legal requirements

We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and agreements as well as voluntary control standards with high moral values.

Technological development

We will develop technologies that coexist with nature and are valuable for both the global environment and our customers

Environmental management

We will develop an environmental management system and make continuous improvements in accordance with our business strategy

Human resources development

We will make continuous efforts to develop human resources who contribute to environmental conservation activities

Environmental performance

We will promote resource/energy saving, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prevent environmental pollution, and promote the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).


We will conduct community-based environmental conservation activities while providing accurate environmental information to increase transparency and gain trust

System to Promote Environmental Stewardship

Within the Kirin Group, our Group companies and offices operate an environmental management system that meets the requirements of ISO 14001 international standards on environmental management. They also actively pursue activities to widely promote environmental stewardship across the entire value chain, in order to mitigate environmental risks.

Kirin Group's Environmental Management System

The Kirin Group's Environmental Management System is set in the Principle for Kirin Group's Global Environmental Management (KGEMP).

Principle for Kirin Group's Global Environmental Management (KGEMP)

Our initiatives to strengthen governance include managing the progress toward the environmental targets in our management plans in line with our environmental policy and the Kirin Group's Long-Term Environmental Vision, along with our environmental risk and compliance management, education and training, and internal auditing. We have integrated environmental risk as part of corporate risk management. In the unlikely event that an environmental risk should arise, under the leadership of the executive officer in charge of risk, the relevant departments will promptly work together to share information, implement countermeasures, and prevent recurrence, and will involve other departments before similar events happen elsewhere. In these ways, we work to verify and address the problem.
In April 2015, the function of supervision over environmental management for the entire Group was integrated into CSV Management Department of Kirin Co., Ltd.. This function (being in charge of Group environment) used to belong to Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd., but was reorganized in line with the shift to a new management organizational structure in which the Group head office and the Japan supervising company were united. With the new structure in place, we will more quickly formulate strategies and make decisions to create value. In connection with the organizational change, the Senior Executive Officer of Kirin Holdings is appointed as the Environmental Director for the Group.


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