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Governance and transparencyOur Goal

In line with the Kirin Group’s corporate philosophy and “One Kirin” Values that are shared across the Group, the Kirin Group believes that achieving the 2021 Vision outlined in its long-term management vision KV2021 will lead to the Group’s sustainable growth and to greater corporate value over the medium to long term. Accordingly, the Kirin Group will develop a corporate governance system that is capable of effectively and efficiently reaching that goal. The Kirin Group believes that cooperation with all of its stakeholders will be indispensable to putting its corporate philosophy into practice and turning the 2021 Vision that is based on this philosophy into a reality, and therefore the Group respects its stakeholders’ respective viewpoints. The Kirin Group will disclose information promptly to its shareholders and investors in a transparent, fair, and consistent fashion, will proactively engage in constructive dialog with its shareholders and investors, and will fulfill its accountaility with integrity.

Kirin Group’s Corporate Governance


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