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Risk managementRisk Management

The Kirin Group establishes risk management systems and works to manage risk to ensure that it can accurately identify and address risks with the potential to seriously impede the accomplishment of its targets or impact its business continuity. Priority risk areas have been defined that include risks related to new strategies or initiatives and risks arising from major changes in the operating environment.
Group companies identify serious internal and external risks and formulate response measures as part of the process of establishing annual business plans.
Kirin Holdings promotes Groupwide risk management. Specific measures to this end include putting forth the Group’s risk management policies, confirming that Group companies have effectively identified serious risks, and monitoring the status of response plans relating to these risks and their implementation.

Group Risk and Compliance Committee

The risk management cycle and major recognized risks

Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning

In the event of a crisis, the Group Risk management Committee shares and exchanges information with Domestic and overseas Group companies to provide support and maintain group-wide crisis preparedness. In particular, following the Great East Japan Earthquakes in March 2011, we have maintained preparedness for large earthquakes or other disasters, and have enhanced business continuity plan (BCP) by re-examining expected events and scope of disaster preparedness. Specifically, we reassess our business continuity plan and provide disaster training accordingly, as well as implement measures to reduce procurement risks.


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