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Embracing diversity and inclusionEfforts to promote the active role of differently abled individuals, senior citizens, and sexual minorities (LGBT)

Efforts to Hire People with Disabilities

The Kirin Group promotes the hiring of people with disabilities to foster a workplace in which all employees—with or without disabilities—find dignity and meaning in their work. This approach has been determined in the Kirin Group Charter for Hiring People with Disabilities, which was formulated in January 2011.
Our society is made up of a diverse group of people with distinct personalities, regardless of whether or not they have a disability.
The diversification of markets and market changes are occurring against the backdrop of interaction between people of various backgrounds. The Kirin Group aims to enhance its ability to respond to these changes as well as its ability to create new value, while also establishing the necessary working environment to adapt to these changes, including rational considerations of employee needs and the promotion of a barrier-free workplace from a physical perspective as well as in terms of awareness. Guided by this aim, the Company will collaborate with Group companies to expand the range of jobs for, and encourage the employment of, people with disabilities.

Efforts to Hire People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Kirin Group works with local public special needs schools to offer their students an apprentice program. Students on this program are provided with hands-on work experience such as entering data into computers, filing documents, collecting and delivering mail, and replenishing paper in copiers. In this way, the program encourages students to pursue employment. Also, in 2015 we established the Office Service Counter, which serves as an administrative function that aims to enhance the overall business efficiency at the Kirin Group’s headquarters as well as expand the areas in which employees with disabilities can play an active role. Disabled employees working at the service counter provide various services, such as overseeing the distribution of necessary equipment for meetings and other duties, conducting the receipt and delivery of stationery, managing lost items, and replenishing paper in copiers. These employees also receive additional tasks from a variety of departments. Every day, a large number of employees visit the Office Service Counter.

Promoting the Active Role of Employees Who Are Senior Citizens

Promoting the active role of senior citizens is an important theme in light of recent employee trends and under the current social environment. When it comes to job performance, we are striving to establish an environment in which employees who are senior citizens can contribute to the Group’s performance by fully exercising their experience and capabilities, without being restricted in any way because of their age. At the same time, we aim to have these employees make a positive impact on younger employees in such ways as passing on the skills they have cultivated. In this section, we will introduce various efforts promoted by the Kirin Group.*

The Kirin Group: Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, Kirin Brewing Company, Limited, Kirin Beverage Company, Ltd., Mercian Corporation, Kyowa Kirin Co., Ltd., etc.

Re-Employment System (until the final day of the month in which an employee turns 65)

Our re-employment system targets employees who wish to continue working even after reaching the retirement age of 60.

Initiatives by Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, Kirin Brewing Company, Limited, Kirin Beverage Company, Ltd., and Mercian Corporation

Career Design Seminars

We hold career design seminars that provide employees who have turned 50 with opportunities to think about their career going forward. Conducted in a group format, these seminars have participants draw up their career design up until the age of 70, which is well after retirement, based on the instruction of external lecturers. The seminars also strengthen the mindset of these employees and allow them to realize further growth as self-sustaining individuals through their profession.

Initiatives by Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, Kirin Brewing Company, Limited, Kirin Beverage Company, Ltd., and Mercian Corporation

Life Seminars

We hold life seminars that give employees in their early 50s a chance to consider their lifestyle going forward, including after retirement. Under the instruction of external lecturers, employees participating in these seminars create life plans that include their life after retirement. The partners of these employees are also able to participate in these seminars. Through these seminars, we aim to have employees consider a lifestyle for the future that creates a virtuous cycle in which the understanding and support they receive from their loved ones help them improve their job performance. Together with the career design seminars, these life seminars help employees who are senior citizens achieve growth independently through their work.

Initiatives by Kirin Holdings Company, Limited and Kirin Brewing Company, Limited

Deploying Career Consultants to Provide Support

We deploy employees who are nationally certified as career consultants to our human resources divisions. When necessary, these career consultants offer advice and support to employees to help them effectively develop their careers and design their working lifestyles in accordance with their preferences, capabilities, and experience.

Initiatives by Kirin Holdings Company, Limited and Kirin Brewing Company, Limited

Efforts Related to Sexual Minorities (LGBT)

We believe that by creating an organizational culture in which a diverse group of employees can leverage their capabilities, we will realize the necessary organizational capabilities for creating new value. Accordingly, we strive to establish an environment where all people within the Group can work with high levels of motivation. We also promote efforts to raise employee understanding of diversity.

In 2017, we revised the Kirin Group Compliance Guidelines, which act as a code of conduct for all Group employees. The guidelines now specify that individuals are to be respected, and discrimination based on sexual orientation and sexual identity will not be tolerated. At the same time, the requirement for obtaining condolence leave from work, which until now has been confined to legal marriages, was expanded to also include common-law and same-sex marriages. We have also implemented training to make this information widely known. These initiatives were well received by society, while Kirin Brewery Company, Kirin Beverage, and Mercian received the top-level gold certification from “work with Pride,” a private organization that supports the pursuit and establishment of diversity management, in light of these initiatives.


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