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Development of human resources, open and accommodating organizational cultureApproach to Human Resources and Organizational Culture

Our Goal

Our human resources are the most valuable management resources that support the growth of the Kirin Group. In the belief that employees and the Company are equal partners brought together by common business goals, the Kirin Group pledges respect for humanity as its basic human resources principle.

Our Goal

Focus on transforming our human resources and corporate culture with the aim of a disciplined yet caring company

Aiming for sustained growth through value creation that contributes to solving various social issues, the Kirin Group believes that human resources are the most important resource of a company. To create new value and corporate growth, the Kirin Group is striving for a “game change” to ensure its competitiveness by breaking away from the conventional viewpoint held by each business. To achieve a “game change,” innovation in the corporate activities of all divisions including R&D, as well as production, distribution, and marketing, is essential. Human resources are the most important resource for achieving this innovation. The power of employees with rich and flexible ideas and strong reform consciousness who enjoy taking on new challenges is the basis of all value creation activities of the Kirin Group, which promotes CSV management.
However, the Kirin Group currently lacks a sense urgency that demands a change of the status quo and a challenging spirit that says, “I want to take on new challenges myself.” To transform itself into a company that achieves innovation routinely, the Kirin Group is now pursuing human resource and organizational culture reforms.
Through this initiative, the Kirin Group seeks to become a disciplined yet caring company. Employees who strive to innovate with a high degree of motivation are given opportunities regardless of age, rank, affiliation, and career, their growth is supported, and their results are fairly evaluated. On the other hand, we encourage self-change for employees who settle for the status quo. By fostering a merit-based organizational culture, we are taking steps to evolve into a company that boldly innovates for new value creation.

1. Cultivating Leadership Skills

In transforming into a disciplined yet caring company, the awareness of senior leadership and changing how they act is a key point. Although the Kirin Group has changed its organizational culture, we have not yet achieved our vision. This is mainly because the role required of leaders who should be at the center of reform was not clearly defined. While one of the most important missions of a leader is to develop human resources, organizational reforms will not advance unless senior management is strongly self-aware and motivates employees with powerful leadership.
With this understanding, the Kirin Group established a policy of changing the awareness and actions of senior leadership. The Group also launched a leadership development program in fiscal 2017 for about 130 employees of senior leaders including directors of Kirin Holdings, the top management of major operating companies, and the heads of offices and divisions nationwide. This program was developed in conformity with conditions in Japan while drawing on the program of Lion Pty Ltd. of Australia.

2018 senior leader session

In the leadership development program, each employee is continually encouraged to undergo self-change through a PDCA cycle. Specifically, we conducted a 360-degree survey in March 2017 to evaluate each survey participant from multiple viewpoints including those of subordinates and co-workers and conducted a self-assessment test to objectively assess their leadership qualities. Based on the results, a kick-off workshop was held and each person took stock of the current reality (objective assessment and clarification of issues regarding their leadership) and formulated an action plan.
In May, as the first phase of implementation under the action plan, we began implementing regular one-on-one coaching by outside coaches and conducting workshops in divisions and other units. In July, all participants pronounced the senior leader action declaration to every employee. After that, we evaluated the results of initiatives by re-implementing the 360-degree survey, conducting member interviews, and implementing the employee engagement survey. At the same time, we have continually improved the program’s content. We will continue to carry out organizational culture reforms by encouraging self-change from senior management to mid-level leaders and all employees.

Leadership development program schedule

Lion’s leadership program―Aiming to achieve sustainable growth

Lion Pty Ltd. of Australia, an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages business in the Oceania region, is working to fortify its leadership with the goal of sustainable growth Every officer and employee sets competency, skill, and performance targets for themselves each fiscal year through coaching. They are then reviewed for their attainment of those targets at the end of each fiscal year. A variety of programs are conducted for senior management including “Growing Our Authentic Lion,” which teaches about organizational management adapted to changes in the business environment, “Leader’s Conference,” where management targets and business strategies are shared, and “Leadership at Lion” for employees who are new to management because of promotion or mid-career recruitment. These have earned an excellent reputation as high-quality programs that have comprehensively strengthened leadership and greatly contributed to the development and acquisition of excellent leaders in the field.

2. Developing Human Resources

At the Kirin Group, we continually work to develop human resources, who we strongly believe are sources of value creation. To strengthen our competitiveness in a challenging operating environment and in an era that requires change, we must do our utmost to develop the people that will lead the growth of the Group in the future and people that can realize the creation of value linked to our growth strategies.

The Kirin Group’s fundamental belief regarding human resources development is that “people grow through their work.” Our policy for human resources development is to aim for autonomous, enthusiastic self-development by each individual in order to realize management reform. On that basis, we are taking steps to address the three high-priority challenges described below.

1. Leaders should have responsibility for the development of their people and implement on-the-job training.
2. Everyone should understand the human resources development system and actively use the system to work toward self-development.
3. People aiming to be management leaders of the future should take steps to develop their capabilities with self-awareness and resolution.

3. Reforming Working Styles

The Kirin Group has continued to push forward with workplace environment initiatives for ensuring the proper management of work hours, including promoting strict compliance with arrangements pertaining to Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act and encouraging employees to take multiple consecutive days off. In 2017, we will deploy measures to help create time for employees to tackle new challenges and engage in reflective thought. Through these initiatives, we are cultivating an environment in which pursuing lofty targets and tackling new challenges is standard practice and the lessons learned from such undertakings are utilized in future endeavors.

One specific initiative in this regard is the implementation of measures that enable all employees to work from home, which include making it possible for employees to connect to Company servers from their home computer via the Internet. These measures are helping to create more free time for employees through increased productivity and efficiency.

Meanwhile, Kyowa Kirin Co., Ltd., launched its “smart work” campaign following the July 2016 relocation of its head office as an initiative for cultivating its desired corporate culture and employee awareness.

Health-Oriented Business Management

As a conglomerate that delivers products and services contributing to consumer health and well-being, the Kirin Group will promote health-oriented business management and work to create an environment and opportunities that allow employees to proactively improve their own health. The end goal of these efforts is to thoroughly energize the organization. We are implementing measures that go a step further than our customary occupational health and safety activities (regular health examinations, stress checks, measures for preventing health issues from working excessive hours, etc.), with an eye to enhancing the effectiveness of these activities.

In 2017, the president & CEO of Kirin Holdings made a health-oriented business management declaration to employees. Our initiatives on this front are focused on four themes of particular importance with regard to occupational health and safety and employee healthcare: lifestyle diseases, mental health, workplace environment, and appropriate relationship with alcohol.

In February 2017, Kirin Holdings and Kyowa Kirin were recognized in the Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management—White 500 list released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

Kirin Health Declaration(20KB)

Commitments related to “health-oriented business management”

4. Promotion of Diversity

Please see this page for details on our efforts in promoting diversity

5. Revitalization of Organizational Culture

We are promoting reforms to our human resource and organizational culture. To foster the kind of organizational culture we envision, it is necessary for each of our employees to have a thorough understanding of our approach toward reform and adopt that approach within their day-to-day actions.

As an effort to instill such an understanding, directors from Kirin Holdings visit the offices of each Group company to explain the Group’s policies and thoughts on reform in their own words. These directors also field questions from Group employees and exchange opinions with them, thereby providing an opportunity for direct communication.

Additionally, we conduct an employee engagement survey every year and make efforts to draw on a PDCA model for initiatives aimed at realizing the organizational culture we envision. At the same time, we have established the Human Resource and Organizational Culture Reform Website, which serves as a platform for communicating Group policies and the planned initiatives of each office and division. The website also allows Group employees to view examples of successful initiatives implemented by the Group. In these ways, we are working continuously to keep our Group employees informed of the policies and direction of the Group.


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