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Embracing diversity and inclusionApproach to Promoting Diversity Creating a Corporate Culture that Promotes Diversity

Aiming to Foster a Corporate Culture That Leverages Diversity

The Kirin Group has adopted “building a corporate group that allows a diverse group of people to work enthusiastically and that grows its businesses together with the local community while also protecting and replenishing the environment” as part of its Long-Term Management Vision for 2021. Accordingly, the Group is actively making efforts to promote diversity in such ways as establishing a friendly workplace and creating an organization that offers employees job satisfaction. By creating an environment that allows employees to draw on their diverse strengths, the Kirin Group will realize growth on both an employee and organizational level. In addition, the innovation borne from leveraging these diverse strengths will lead to the creation of new value.

In 2013, the Group established the Diversity Development Section as part of its efforts to create a friendly environment in which enthusiastic, diverse employees can work to achieve new growth and to realize an organizational culture that offers job satisfaction to all employees, regardless of gender, disability, age, or nationality.

Inclusion in Diversity Management Selection 100

In 2013, Kirin Holdings was included in Diversity Management Selection 100, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. “Diversity management” refers to corporate management that involves the provision of opportunities for a diverse group of talent to leverage their capabilities to their full potential, thereby bringing about innovation that leads to the creation of new value. With this inclusion, the Kirin Group was highly evaluated for turning a wide variety of employee perspectives, including those of female employees, into corporate strengths and using those strengths to create new products and value for its customers. Going forward, the Group will continue to pursue growth through the utilization of diversity as a corporate organization in which all employees can play an active role.

Approach to Promoting the Active Role of Women

The Kirin Group believes that the creation of an environment in which a diverse group of human resources can exchange opinions and leverage their strengths is essential for creating value that meets the ever-changing needs of its customers in the beverage, pharmaceutical, and bio-chemical businesses. The creation of such an environment is also crucial for enhancing corporate value. Based on this belief, the Group emphasizes the promotion of diversity within its management strategies and has been making efforts to promptly realize an organizational culture that allows women to demonstrate independence and creativity within their work. To offer women an even higher level of job satisfaction and promote an awareness among women to continue to pursue self-improvement, the Group provides support for career development and conducts training to cultivate future leaders. In addition, the Group has established the necessary systems and frameworks for women to fully enjoy major life events such as marriage and child birth together with their significant others. This section introduces the various initiatives the Kirin Group* is undertaking to promote the active role of women.

The Kirin Group: Kirin Brewing Company, Limited, Kirin Beverage Company, Ltd., Mercian Corporation, Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd., etc.

Career Workshops

We offer career workshops in which women in their third year of employment and their supervisors can participate. These workshops provide female employees with an opportunity to consider ways to establish a fulfilling career path that realizes a balance with major life events.

Kirin Women’s College

We select a group of young and mid-career female employees to participate in Kirin Women’s College, a training program that aims to develop future leaders by enhancing business literacy. This program comprises six training sessions in total, each running from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., making it easy for employees who are raising children to participate. Women who are currently on childcare leave may also apply to participate in the program.*

Under the assumption that such employees will have returned to work by the time the training program begins

Future Female Leader Training

Our Future Female Leader Training is a program that works to enhance the awareness of female employees who have developed their careers to a certain extent to aim for leadership positions in the future. At the same time, the program allows women to draw out their career path going forward and consider the role they may play in a future leadership position.

Forum for Employees on Childcare Leave

We offer the Forum for Employees on Childcare Leave in an effort to allow women on this leave of absence to return to work with peace of mind. Through dialogue with senior female employees and fellow mothers, this forum helps women prepare for working while raising children and provides an opportunity for them to consider their future careers. At the same time, the forum encourages the creation of an environment of mutual support in which women can cooperate with their significant others in terms of housework, raising children, and career development. In doing so, the forum helps women return to work smoothly and with peace of mind and engage in an active role after doing so.

Creating an Environment That Supports Opportunities for a Diverse Group of People

We undertook efforts to have employees who do not have children to experience what it is like to be a working mother or father with time constraints. These efforts focused on having such employees improve their work productivity while maintaining and enhancing their job performance. These efforts led the Kirin Group to establish the “Becoming a Mother or Father Project,” a unique initiative that the Group has begun to implement on a full scale. By having male employees and other employees who work without time constraints engage in their job under similar conditions as a working mother or father, we are striving to increase the productivity of our employees and foster an understanding of different workstyles. Going forward, we will continue to pursue ways to create an environment that allows all employees who work under constraints-whether young or old, male or female-to leverage their strengths with ease.

Kyowa Hakko Kirin has commenced participation in the Iku-boss Alliance and other organizations. Such participation has helped the company promote diversity through mutual understanding among employees and accelerate the creation of friendly workplaces. Placing emphasis on realizing a work-life balance for all of its employees, Kyowa Hakko Kirin aims to achieve sustainable growth as a company.

Becoming a Signatory Company of the UN Women’s “Women’s Empowerment Principles”

In December 2012, Kirin Holdings became a signatory company of the “Women’s Empowerment Principles,” which were formulated through collaboration between UN Women, an organization that aims for gender equality and the empowerment of women, and the UN Global Compact. Taking into account these principles, Kirin Holdings will further promote efforts to encourage the active role of women while incorporating perspectives from external sources.

Human Resource Programs

Program Goals, Details, etc.
In-house recruiting A framework that invites a wide range of employees to take on new challenges such as pursuing overseas and new businesses or undertaking product development.
Work-life balance support leave A system that allows employees to take up to a three-year leave of absence while remaining employed for such reasons as self-development, job transfer of spouse, and volunteer work.
Work-at-home system A system introduced in 2013 that helps employees improve their productivity and realize work-life balance. This system allows employees to work from home at a maximum of eight times per month for either a full day or half a day. While, as a general rule, this system should be used to work from home, employees can use this system to work from other locations.
Flextime system A system that allows employees to flexibly decide their finish times and the hours they work per day in accordance with their schedules, given that they work a fixed amount of hours per month. This system has no “core time” period in which employees must be at work and can be used between 5:00 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Childcare leave and shorter working hours system Childcare leave can be taken until a child reaches two years of age. The shorter working hours system can be used in conjunction with childcare leave for a period of up to 48 months. For this system, employees can choose to work five-, six-, or seven-hour days. These shorter hours can be worked within the flextime system if the employee’s workplace implements said system.
Nursing care leave and shorter working hours system Nursing care leave can be taken for a total of one year per family member requiring nursing care. For the shorter working hours system, employees can choose to work five-, six-, or seven-hour days. These shorter hours can be worked within the flextime system if the employee’s workplace implements said system.
Deferred vacation system Employees can “bank” up to 60 days of annual paid leave that has become void. Employees are free to use their accumulated paid leave without restriction for such personal reasons as nursing care, infertility treatment, gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy, children’s school events, family anniversaries, and morning sickness.
Note: Systems adopted by Kirin Company and Kirin Brewery

Efforts to Hire People with Disabilities

The Kirin Group promotes the hiring of people with disabilities to foster a workplace in which all employees-with or without disabilities-find dignity and meaning in their work. This approach has been reflected in the Kirin Group Charter for Hiring People with Disabilities, which was formulated in January 2011.

Our society is made up of a diverse group of people with distinct personalities, regardless of whether or not they have a disability.

The diversification of markets and market changes are occurring against the backdrop of interaction between people with various backgrounds. The Kirin Group aims to enhance its ability to respond to these changes as well as its ability to create new value. Guided by this aim, the Group will continue its efforts to create a friendly work environment for people with disabilities. At the same time, the Group will promote collaboration between Group companies to expand the range of jobs for and encourage the employment of people with disabilities.

Efforts to Hire People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Kirin Group works with local public special needs schools to offer their students an apprentice program. Students on this program are provided with hands-on work experience such as entering data into computers, filing documents, collecting and delivering mail, and replenishing paper in copiers. In this way, the program encourages students to pursue employment. Also, in 2015 we established the Office Service Counter, which serves as an administrative function that aims to enhance the overall business efficiency at the Kirin Group’s headquarters as well as expand the areas in which employees with disabilities can play an active role. Disabled employees working at the service counter provide various services, such as overseeing the distribution of necessary equipment for meetings and other duties, conducting the receipt and delivery of stationery, managing lost items, and replenishing paper in copiers. These employees also receive additional tasks from a variety of departments. Every day, a large number of employees visit the Office Service Counter.


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