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Management Issues for Sustainable Growth
(Group Materiality Matrix)

At the time of formulating our New KV2021 long-term management vision, we selected management issues for the sustainable growth of the Kirin Group (Group Materiality Matrix [GMM]) that represent important themes for the long-term sustainability and development of the Group and of society as a whole.
In February 2017, we identified “health and well-being,” “community engagement,” “the environment,” and “a responsible alcohol producer” as particularly important social issues within the GMM on which we should focus. To address these issues, we referenced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and decided on 16 commitments that will help clarify the kind of company we aim to be through our business over the medium to long term. Accordingly, we replaced the checklist we had established for addressing these issues with these commitments. Taking into account the impact of the various changes that have occurred following the sale of Brasil Kirin shares, we carried out a complete renewal of the GMM in September 2017.

Items Included in Management Issues for Sustainable Growth

Health and Well-being
Supporting self-care for healthy people and people with pre-disease / Evolution in medical treatment / Health-oriented business management
Safety and security of our products
Safety and security of our products
A Responsible Alcohol Producer
Education in appropriate drinking and nurturing a positive drinking culture
Responsibility as a pharmaceutical manufacturer
Stable supply of products and services / Transparent relationships with medical institutions and others
Human rights
Initiatives to address human rights problems
Sustainable sourcing
Promoting responsible procurement / Sustainable raw materials supply
Community Engagement
Enhancing sustainability of the supply chain / Regional revitalization through business activities
The Environment
Reflecting environmental activities in our business strategies (Biological resources / Water resources / Container and packaging / Global warming)
Human resources and corporate culture
Embracing diversity and inclusion / Development of human resources, open and accommodating organizational culture
New value creation
Product and service innovation corresponding to change in communities and customers
Corporate governance
Governance and transparency / Risk management / Compliance


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