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Management Issues for Sustainable Growth
(Group Materiality Matrix)

The Kirin Group has selected management issues for sustainable growth (Group Materiality Matrix [GMM]) that represent important themes for the long-term sustainability and development of the Group and of society as a whole. As part of this endeavor, we undergo a process involving dialogues with our stakeholders with the formulation of every medium-term business plan (a three-year period), trying to grasp the future needs of society, and review the scope and contents of the related issues. From our management issues, in 2017 we selected the themes “health and well-being,” “community engagement,” and “the environment” and took on the duty of being “A Responsible Alcohol Producer” to be key social issues on which we should focus, and in 2019 we formulated our CSV Purpose, a guideline for creating shared value with society and promoting sustainable growth. In recent years, the expectations for business to resolve social issues have increased rapidly due to international frameworks such as the SDGs. In addition, ESG-driven investment is also on a rapid upswing. The Kirin Group will be meet social needs in a flexible manner and utilize this GMM framework to enhance its risk management and improve its overall management capabilities. At the same time, we view these social issues in a positive manner, and will take them as opportunities for growth, promote innovation, create regional value—ranging from food to pharmaceuticals—and become a global leader in CSV.

Items Included in Management Issues for Sustainable Growth

A Responsible Alcohol Producer
Responsible drinking / passing a culture of enjoying alcoholic beverages to the next generation
Health and Well-being
Supporting self-care for healthy people and people with pre-disease / Evolution in medical treatment / Health and productivity management
Community Engagement
Contributing to community vitalization / Enhancing sustainable production of raw materials
The Environment
Reflecting environmental activities in our business strategies (Climate change / Water resources / Biological resources / Container and packaging / Food waste)
Safety and security of our products
Food safety and food security
Responsibility as a pharmaceutical manufacturer
Stable supply of products and services / Transparent relationships with medical institutions and others
Human rights
Initiatives to address human rights problems
Sustainable supply chain
Human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption in the supply chain / Stable procurement of raw materials / Sustainable logistics
Human resources and corporate culture
Embracing diversity and inclusion / Development of human resources, an open and accommodating organizational culture
Corporate governance
Governance and transparency / Risk management / Compliance


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