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Promoting responsible procurementActivities to Promote CSR Procurement

Activities to Promote CSR Procurement

To promote CSR procurement and fulfill its social responsibilities in each process of the value chain, the Kirin Group places value on mutual communication with its suppliers.
We ask that our new suppliers submit a “CSR Confirmation Form” based on the six categories stipulated in the code of conduct under the Kirin Group Supplier CSR Guidelines. We also asked that these suppliers strictly adhere to this code of conduct. After initiating transactions with a supplier, we assess the status of the supplier’s efforts related to CSR procurement once a year. In addition, our procurement staff conducts on-site inspections of the supplier. We then provide feedback from the inspection results, which include such items as quality levels, price competitiveness, and response to delivery times, to the suppliers and, if necessary, undertake additional inspections or request that the suppliers enhance their CSR activities. Meanwhile, to carry out fair business transactions, we periodically distribute a supplier satisfaction questionnaire to seek feedback from suppliers regarding the Kirin Group as a whole. We make sure to reflect the comments we receive through this questionnaire in our procurement activities in an effort to realize open and fair business transactions and ensure compliance.
Going forward, while setting into motion a PDCA cycle through these efforts, we will continue to collaborate closely with our suppliers in the promotion of CSR procurement.


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