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Our CSV Story

The Kirin Group is dedicated to resolving these key social issues: being “a responsible alcohol producer,” “health and well-being,” “community engagement,” and “the environment.” By addressing these issues with a deep commitment, we will help create a prosperous society and a bright future for our customers.

The Kirin Group was founded in 1907. We started our business with a beverage that was relatively new to Japan at the time—beer—and since then, we have created a new lifestyle and tradition. Beer was not a very familiar beverage to most Japanese in the early 20th century, but through packaging our product in bottles, one by one, and delivering them to people's homes, we were able to spread happiness to our customers. Later, we expanded our business to include a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and foods as well as advanced pharmaceuticals that have evolved from the fermentation and culturing technologies involved in brewing beer. In doing so, our business activities have spread around the world. What we have valued throughout our history are the contributions we have made to people's health and well-being and to enhancing the affluence of society in fields ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. These efforts are underpinned by craftsmanship based on high quality and cutting-edge technologies. We aspire to realizing a bright future by working together with our customers, driven by our passion and integrity. This is our philosophy.

In the more than one hundred years of our history, the world has changed dramatically. Noncommunicable diseases and other health problems, rising healthcare costs, the aging of societies around the globe, the disintegration of bonds between people, and economic disparity are becoming more and more serious. Over and above these issues, the degree of climate change and the destruction of the natural environment are growing increasingly severe. Through proactively working to help solve these very serious problems, we aim to further contribute to our customers' happiness. By leveraging our strengths to tackle these issues, we can change our way of thinking and generate even greater originality and ingenuity, leading to new innovations. Through these efforts, we will enhance Kirin's organizational capabilities, which will enable us to continuously generate value for our customers. This is CSV— the creation of value that can be shared with society—and this is our most important management policy.

The lifestyle and culture of enjoying alcoholic beverages is part of the fabric of society, but it is also true that in some cases drinking alcohol can harm one's health. As a responsible alcohol producer, we are working, first and foremost, to help solve alcohol-related problems. With that as our top priority, we are focusing our efforts on three key social issues: “health and well-being,” “community engagement,” and “the environment.” Through the sustainability of our planet, which is blessed with a natural beauty that we must pass on to future generations, we will realize rich and vibrant communities that foster sound physical and mental health—and lead to happiness in everyday life.

Contributing to people’s health and well-being is the philosophy of the Kirin Group. Through the development of beverages and foods that, in addition to being safe and secure, promote customer self-care while ensuring good taste, as well as through the creation of products, services, and new drugs that leverage the Group’s strengths in the pharmaceutical and biochemical business, we work to contribute to our customers’ physical and mental well-being and to their overall quality of life.

Beverages including alcoholic drinks facilitate communication and deepen bonds between people. A prerequisite for these relationships is the existence of a rich and vibrant community, which forms the foundation of people's daily lives. We live in a time when the disintegrating bonds between people are cause for concern. We want to create more opportunities for customers to enjoy time with their families and friends while also working to solve problems that our raw material producers may encounter. In doing so, we will help form rich and vibrant local communities and promote community revitalization while also strengthening our business foundation.

To be able to pass on a beautiful planet to future generations is a wish for all of us. As a company that benefits from the many blessings of nature, including water and agricultural products, we recognize that sustainability of the global environment is essential to ensuring the continuity of our business. By reducing the environmental burden in our value chain with regard to containers and packaging, as well as working to address the issue climate change and its effects, we not only address environmental issues but also strengthen the foundation of our business. Under the Kirin Group's Long-Term Environmental Vision, introduced in 2013, we are working together with a number of our stakeholders on various initiatives that aim to realize a society based on 100% resource circulation by 2050.

While we are most passionate and sincere concerning a wide variety of matters facing our customers, we are focusing our efforts on the four key social issues of being “a responsible alcohol producer,” “health and well-being,” “community engagement,” and “the environment.” We aspire to achieve a level of happiness where people can live healthy lives in affluent communities while enjoying the many blessings of nature. We aim to share this ambition with all of our employees with a view to changing our way of thinking and generating even greater originality and ingenuity in our day-to-day work, and creating thrilling value together with our customers so that the Kirin Group will continuously grow well into the future.

President and CEO
Kirin Holdings Company. Limited
Yoshinori Isozaki


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