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Safety and security of our productsPolicy and System

Principle of Quality Management

The Kirin Group’s goal for quality assurance is to offer customers safe and reliable products. To achieve this goal, we make it our highest priority to ensure product safety and customer satisfaction based on our core philosophy of being customer-oriented and quality-oriented―values the Group has embraced throughout its history. This principle is defined in the Kirin Group’s “Quality Policy and Action Principles” and is reflected in our quality assurance activities.

Kirin Group’s Quality Policy

We make it our highest priority to ensure product safety and customer satisfaction.

Increase Customer Satisfaction (A customerfocused approach) We make it our highest priority to listen to our customers, value their feedback and respond to it from their viewpoint. We realize that a dialogue with our customers give us a good opportunity to make incremental improvements to quality and customer satisfaction, which results in better products and services down to fine details.
Provide Safe and Reliable Products (A steady focus on quality) We offer safe and reliable products and services to our customers in all aspects of our business activities ranging from the sourcing of raw materials through product development, manufacturing and inspection to distribution and marketing so as to retain their trust in us.

Action Principles

Make quality assurance a group-wide imperative
Under the leadership and initiatives of top management, all employees commit themselves to achieving the Group's quality-assurance objectives.
Ensure product safety
We place the highest priority on ensuring product safety, from which derive product quality and the trust of customers.
Communicate a quality-assurance policy and build support for it
We establish a quality-assurance policy and quality targets that meet the needs and requirements of each business, product, and service; and we communicate the policy and targets to people in relevant organizations to build support for them.
Share our quality-assurance policy with suppliers
We ensure that our suppliers understand and embrace the Kirin Group Quality Assurance Policy, and establish and strengthen our partnership with them.
Continually improve customer satisfaction
We offer new value to customers through innovative ideas and R&D activities to continue to deliver greater satisfaction to them.
Conduct objective and transparent quality-assurance practices
We establish a quality-assurance system that reflects the ISO's principles on quality management, and we keep our customers informed of our quality-assurance practices to retain their trust.
Leverage Group synergy
We exchange and share quality-related information and technologies among Group companies to generate and leverage greater synergy.

Kirin Group Global Quality Management Principle

Within the Kirin Group, we pursue the Group’s quality policy, which reflects our core value of being customer oriented and quality oriented. To smoothly put our policy into practice while mitigating quality-related risks, we have formulated the Principle of Kirin Group Global Quality Management, which is applicable to all Group companies worldwide. This principle is the essence of quality management valued and adopted by the Kirin Group across its value chain, ranging from the sourcing of raw materials through product development, manufacturing, and distribution to delivery of products and services to customers. The Group’s quality policy is reflected in the quality management systems of all Group companies to ensure provision of safe and reliable products and services to customers.

Global Quality Management (Excerpt)

Development of quality management system and the continuous improvement
Appointment of management in charge of quality management
Securing the necessary resources
Legal compliance
Management of contractors
Use of customer information
Quality requirements for licensing

From Product Development to Delivery to Customers

All Kirin Group companies maintain a comprehensive quality assurance system throughout their value chains, from product development to delivery to customers.


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