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System to Promote CSV

Group CSV Committee

To support the Kirin Group’s proactive and independent CSV initiatives, the Group CSV Committee meets once a year in principle, with the meeting chaired by the president & CEO of Kirin Holdings.

The presidents of major operating companies* are also members of the committee, which conducts discussions regarding the formulation of optimal Group CSV policies and strategies as well as action plans. In addition, the committee monitors the status of the implementation of CSV promotion plans.

The details of the decisions made by the Group CSV Committee are, as needed, reported to and discussed by the Kirin Holdings Group Executive Committee and the Kirin Holdings Board of Directors and reflected in the Group’s overall strategies. The committee chair provides instructions for improvement that are considered necessary for CSV promotion. These instructions are provided to departments at Kirin Holdings and to Group companies. This increases the effectiveness of CSV policies and strategies determined by the committee. The Kirin Holdings CSV Management Section, which serves as the secretariat for the committee, will take steps to provide support for operating companies and lead units, such as providing CSV-related information and sharing the CSV-related initiatives of Group companies.

Kirin Brewery, Kirin Beverage, Mercian, Lion, Brasil Kirin, Myanmar Brewery, Kyowa Hakko Kirin

Group CSV Committee

Report on Fiscal 2016 Meeting
The Group CSV Committee held its fiscal 2016 meeting on June 8, 2016. In addition to the committee’s chairman and members, this meeting was attended by Toshio Arima, the Company’s outside director and Chairman of the Board, Global Compact Network Japan, who gave a lecture on “Recent Major Trend of CSR and Promotion of CSV.” After the lecture, the committee established important CSV themes for the Kirin Group to address over the medium to long term and held a discussion on how to approach these themes going forward. The presidents of each Group company, who are also members of the committee, provided a wide range of opinions and engaged in lively discussions. Committee members made such comments as “CSV is the core of and compass for management; as such, it is absolutely essential to give consideration to how our corporate activities impact society amid a time of major social change,” and “We need to take as outside-in approach when formulating our business plans; we also need to collaborate with such stakeholders as local governments and NGOs.” The CSV themes decided on at the meeting will be reflected in the business plans of each major Group company in the next fiscal year.

Report on Fiscal 2017 Meeting
The Group CSV Committee held its fiscal 2017 meeting on June 8, 2017. The guests included not only Toshio Arima, the Company’s outside director and chairman of the Board, and the Chairman of the Board, Global Compact Network Japan, but also Minoru Matsubara, Chief Manager, Asset Management Business Planning Division of Resona Bank,Ltd. and the chairman of Japan Network Corporate Working Group of the PRI organization. Mr. Matsubara gave a lecture on “ESG and Corporate Valuation.”
After the lecture, committee members shared the progress of each CSV commitment that was announced in February 2017, and opinions were shared regarding the common issues facing these commitments. Meeting participants also engaged in lively discussions, making comments such as “We should approach environmental investments as part of our overall capital investments, and we should also incorporate environmental investments that reflect our medium- to long-term plan and roadmap”; “We should focus not only on the cost of environmental investments but also the overall return that can be realized in a project”; and “We need to consider how the Kirin Group should acknowledge the evaluation items as investors (Urgency, Repercussions, Incompatibility and Range), which were touched on in the lecture given by Mr. Matsubara.”


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