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Warning of a Suspicious E-Mail Using the Name of Our Previous President and CEO

Dear Customers:

We have been receiving some inquiries from overseas customers about a suspicious e-mail which offers a deal with Kirin Holdings Company, Limited or Kirin Brewery Company, Limited and requests the recipient to reply with his/her personal information.
This e-mail pretends to be written and to be sent by Kazuyasu Kato, previous President and CEO of Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, and is obviously false as it includes wrong information such as Mr. Kato's title, company name and the address of the company's headquarter office.
Again, this is a false e-mail sent by an individual who, we suspect, has some dishonest purpose. Kirin Holdings Company, Limited or its affiliated companies have never sent such e-mail, and have no connection at all with the contents suggested in it.
We would like to advise anyone who has received such email never to reply, but to simply ignore.

Thank you for your continued support for Kirin.


© 2007 Kirin Holdings Company, Limited.

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