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Message from President & CEO

The Kirin Group will draw on its unique strengths to create value together with society and to achieve sustained growth.

Based on the 2016-2018 Medium-Term Business Plan (2016 MTBP), the Kirin Group has put maximum effort into restructuring and revitalizing Kirin, groupwide.
Over the past two years, we have achieved significant results particularly through the restructuring of the low-profit businesses, and the structural reforms of the Group as a whole are making progress more quickly than expected. As a result, we were able to achieve record-high profit levels in 2017.
Going forward, we will advance the reforms speedily, and while working to “Profit Growth of Existing Businesses,” through innovation that utilizes the Kirin Group’s strengths and unique business portfolio, we will place additional effort into creating new business that will be the driver of future growth. The basis for this will be CSV* management. By focusing on solving the social issues of “health and well-being,” “community engagement,” and “the environment” through the businesses, we will aim to create social value and at the same time, increase the economic value as well.
As the Kirin Group’s CEO, I will guide the Kirin Group towards sustainable growth together with society and strive to ensure the Kirin Group continues to earn the trust of its stakeholders.

  • Creating Shared Value: Creation of value that can be shared with society

President & CEO



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