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Kirin Group at a Glance

Keywords of Kirin Group Keywords of Kirin Group


Well-balanced business portfolio in its core businesses of alcoholic beverages, nonalcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals and bio-chemicals

The sales increase by 2.5 times, through taking on the challenge of new business field and overseas business development

Conducting business in the domain of “Food and well-being” by Kirin’s resilience is a key strength

Kirin Group continue to value the pursuit of innovation, a customer orientation, and a focus on quality, which have been a part of the Group’s corporate DNA since its founding. Kirin’s ability to adapt to change enables the Group to respond to evolving markets and customer needs and is a key strength. Kirin Group expanded the scale of its operations, it reoriented its business, which were centered on the domestic beer business and market, and established a diverse business structure.


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