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Kirin Group at a Glance

Keywords of Kirin Group Keywords of Kirin Group

Kirin’s Vision

Long-Term Management Vision
New Kirin Group Vision 2021
New KV2021

Corporate Philosophy

The Kirin Group—Focused on people, nature and craftsmanship to redefine the joy of food and well-being

2021 Vision

Co-achieve sustainable growth with our societies by realizing value creation, addressing social issues and understanding consumer expectations via the core businesses* of the Kirin Group

  • *Alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals and bio-chemicals

Kirin Group
Medium-Term Business Plan

Basic Policy

Restructure and revitalize Kirin,Groupwide

Key Initiatives

Implement specific strategies in accordance with the positioning of each business

  1. Invest, strengthen and grow profit base in beer businesses(Kirin Brewery, Lion’s Beer, Spirits and Wine Business, Myanmar Brewery)
  2. Restructure and revitalize low-profit businesses(Kirin Beverage, Lion’s Dairy and Drinks Business)
  3. Invest to achieve outstanding growth in Pharmaceuticals and Bio-chemicals Business(Kyowa Hakko Kirin)

2018 Quantitative targets

Raising Group profitability is our top priority, targeting increased capital efficiency and sustained growth in shareholder value

ROE before amortization of goodwill, etc.: 15%+

Normalized EPS:CAGR 6%+

Guidance:2018 Group normalized operating profit : ¥196 billion

Financial Strategy

Stable shareholder returns through dividends , enhanced financial flexibility

Dividend 30%+ of normalized EPS

Repayment of interest-bearing debt

  • *Removing special income and expenses and other non-recurring items to reflect actual earnings more accurately


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