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Kirin Group at a Glance

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Leaping to the World


~Building a robust foundation by strategic development in Asia and Oceania~

The Kirin Group has been expanding its operations internationally by actively pursuing mergers and acquisitions, focusing on Asia and Oceania in particular as key markets. Subsidiaries around the world are now helping drive the Group’s growth as a whole, including Lion, an operating company of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages businesses in Oceania, and Myanmar Brewery.

About Myanmar Brewery Products of Kirin Brewery and Kirin Beverage Kirin Brewery’s Craft Beer Brands About San Miguel Brewery Products of Lion

Kirin Brewery

Kirin Brewery aims to make Kirin Ichiban an iconic brand in Japan and from a medium- to long-term perspective a global brand as the flagship brand. Kirin Ichiban has already been developed in over 40 countries worldwide, and will continue to expand as a brand that symbolizes Japanese quality and culture.
Kirin Brewery invested in craft brewer Brooklyn Brewery in the US in 2016, and included it in the fine craft beer brand portfolio that is expected to grow in global market.

Myanmar Brewery

Myanmar Brewery, which we acquired in 2015, is the No. 1 beer manufacturer in Myanmar with market share of about 80% in the growing market. The main product Myanmar Beer is the brand that many Myanmar people love.


Lion manufactures and sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages mainly in Australia and New Zealand. Having approximately 40% beer market share in Australia, and in recent years it has invested in craft brewers in some other countries such as the UK to spearhead the Group’s global craft beer business.

San Miguel Brewery

San Miguel Brewery is the No. 1 beer manufacturer with market share of over 90% in the Philippines.
Strong performance continues as the market grows with economic growth and population increase.

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