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Kirin Group at a Glance

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Throughout its long history, which extends back more than 100 years, creating innovations by responding flexibility to changes in its operating environment

Corporate Philosophy

The Kirin Group—Focused on people, nature and craftsmanship to redefine the joy of food and well-being.

We pride ourselves on offering products based on what people want.
We pride ourselves on our ability to harness the goodness of nature through innovative technology.
We pride ourselves on delivering tangible satisfaction and quality in everything we make.
All of which ensures that we exceed customers’ expectations.
And naturally, we do not stop there.
As we look forward with vision and dreams, we aim to continue offering food and health products that bring new joy to people’s lives everywhere.
Always a step ahead, the Kirin Group supports health, pleasure and comfort in your life.

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The History of Kirin


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