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Next Step in Overseas Growth Markets

Securing a business foundation in Myanmar, which is drawing attention as a promising market even in Southeast Asia

In August 2015, the Kirin Group acquired 55% of the outstanding shares of Myanmar Brewery, which has a market share in Myanmar of about 80%.

Why Myanmar?

Myanmar Brewery sales volume

Myanmar is expected to record high growth and increasing consumption following the country’s recent democratization, ongoing reforms, and the progressive lifting of previous economic sanctions. In recent years, GDP has grown at a pace of 7% to 8% annually. In addition, Myanmar has a population of more than 51 million, and young people, who will be the primary customers for beer in the future, account for a significant percentage of the population. Moreover, beer consumption per person, at 3.7 liters, is comparatively low and there is room for growth. Accordingly, Myanmar is an attractive market in which significant growth is expected.

What is Myanmar Brewery?

Myanmar Brewery manufactures and sells beer in Myanmar, where it has a market share of approximately 80%. Myanmar Brewery was established in 1995. The company has driven growth in Myanmar’s beer market with a brand portfolio that features Myanmar Beer, its core brand, and Andaman Gold, an economically priced beer, among other brands.

Will competition grow sharper?

Basic Strategy

Myanmar Brewery challenges are to address the changing competitive environment due to the entry of global players. The company is taking steps to enhance its brand portfolio, such as launching Kirin Ichiban Shibori from March 2016. The company will work to sustain and strengthen its position as market leader through dominant brand equity with 80% market share and strong distribution network.


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