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For the exciting future of beer

Creating a new beer culture for the enjoyment of individuality and flavor

Craft Beer

With the beer market contracting, distinctive beers known as craft beers are currently recording dramatic growth, centered on industrially developed countries. Craft beers deliver value in the form of “variety” and “taste,” which are the traditional appeals of beer, and that value is a good match for the lifestyles of consumers who want added value in the enjoyment of selecting beer. In addition to being enjoyed among traditional beer drinkers, craft beers have been well received among younger consumers, who had moved away from beer but consider craft beers to be “alcoholic beverages that enrich my lifestyle.”
Kirin was the first in Japan to focus on the appeal of craft beer. We will work aggressively to enrich Japan’s beer culture through the growth and establishment of the market and to make craft beer a growth driver in the Japanese beer business.

Craft beer boom around the world

Kirin Holdings Company estimated (2015)

Craft beers were reevaluated as alcoholic beverages that offer a diverse range of distinctive flavors and can be enjoyed casually. Craft breweries with advanced technical capabilities and brand strength have been established. Quality and flavor are improving each year, and, as growth markets, craft beer markets are expected to play an increasingly important role around the world.

Creating a new beer culture through SPRING VALLEY BREWERY (SVB)

Kirin is advancing the SPRING VALLEY BREWERY Project as a medium to long term initiative that will build the future of beer. SPRING VALLEY is the name of the first successful brewery in Japan, which Kirin Brewery inherited from its predecessor, Japan Brewery. For Kirin, SPRING VALLEY represents a pioneering spirit.
In September 2014, we installed small-scale brewing facilities at Kirin Innovation Factory Yokohama, and in spring 2015 we will open restaurants with breweries in Yokohama and Tokyo (Daikanyama), where consumers can enjoy a variety of beers. In addition, we will launch sales limited to the DRINX web site. In these ways, we will strive to deliver the appeal and fun of beer to even more customers.



All day dining facility where a variety of locally made craft beers can be enjoyed with food made from natural ingredients

Concept: “BEER TAVERN”

Classical beer tavern that calls to mind Meiji-era Yokohama and offers pairings of craft beers and carefully prepared food

A business and capital alliance agreement with YO-HO BREWING

In September 2014, we concluded a business and capital alliance agreement with YO-HO BREWING COMPANY, which is a market leader with its representative Yona Yona Ale brand, taking a 33.4% stake in the company.
From spring 2016, a keg beer version of YO-HO BREWING’s representative product—Yona Yona Ale—will be marketed through the Kirin Brewery sales network. In these ways, we are taking steps to address diversifying customer needs.

Building a presence in craft beer markets around the world

In Australia we are providing such craft beers as James Squire and Little Creatures, which enjoy strong popularity, centered on beer pubs. As a result, we have earned a top share of the craft beer market in Australia.


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