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Capital and business partnership with Brooklyn Brewery

A big step towards “the ‘future of exciting beer’ created by everyone”

What is Brooklyn Brewery?

The Brooklyn Brewery Corporation was founded in 1988 by Steve Hindy who led the craft beer revolution in the United States; it is a pioneer manufacturer of American craft beer headquartered in New York. Lots of beer fans have probably noticed the company’s logo, which was designed by Milton Glaser, a graphic designer famous for his “INY (I love New York)” logo.

Blooklyn Brewery's Logo

Brooklyn Lager, the Brewery's flagship label

The beer, including the company’s flagship Brooklyn Lager, is crafted by charismatic brewmaster Garrett Oliver and has been extremely popular not only in the United States but also overseas. The company’s products rank number one* in the U.S. craft beer exports, and are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide (as of October 2016).
*Source: Brooklyn Brewery survey, 2016

The borough of Brooklyn, once a blighted district, has been transformed into what is now a center of cutting-edge food and fashion; Brooklyn Brewery has made a significant contribution to the district’s revitalization.

The Founder: Mr. Steve Hindy

The Brewmaster: Mr. Garrett Oliver

Why a partnership between Brooklyn Brewery and Kirin?

The Brooklyn Brewery Corporation

Kirin has been keen to change typical perceptions about beer that are based on the conventional Pilsner style and, alongside consumers, to create a freer, more enjoyable beer culture, all the while enjoying the process itself. In this context, Kirin has been actively engaged in developing and promoting 47 Todofuken no Ichiban Shibori and craft beer. The craft beer category, although market size is still small, has been growing its market share in the beer segment with a steady increased number of devotees who have been drawn to the brewers’ craftsmanship and exuberance. Kirin believes it is critical for the overall growth of the future beer market to expand the craft beer category as well as to build a solid business base founded on the product’s unique taste and quality.

Brooklyn Brewery attracts attention from large beer company around the world. The connection between Brooklyn Brewery and Kirin stemmed from a Kirin employee simply walking in to the brewery on spec seeking a business opportunity. Sharing a similar “passion for brewing” and “philosophy of mutual respect,” the two companies have decided to form a capital and business partnership that includes the acquisition by Kirin of a stake in Brooklyn Brewery.
Under this partnership, utilizing the assets of both companies, Kirin will work to make beer more attractive and boost the craft beer market.Kirin will also provide support in terms of technology and procurement, among others, for the growth of Brooklyn Brewery as a strategic partner.

Future roadmap

Kirin and Brooklyn Brewery will establish a joint venture (capital contribution share: Kirin 60%, Brooklyn Brewery 40%) in Japan and roll out the Brooklyn brand to expand the craft beer market. The companies will consider developing original products for the Japanese market and, in the future, launching a restaurant business.
Brooklyn Brewery is a company embodying the concept of freedom and fun in the world of beer. While creating a synergy effect through partnership with Brooklyn Brewery, Kirin is eager to activate the beer market through communicating the fun that surrounds the beer culture to as many consumers as possible.


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