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Kirin Group at a Glance

Keywords of Kirin Group Keywords of Kirin Group

R&D for New Value

Keywords of Kirin Group R&D

Rather than simple technical innovation, we are aiming to create meaningful new value for customers and society and thereby advance people’s lives.
Researchers reach beyond the walls that separate individual laboratories and engage with each other to generate new technologies, ideas and different opinions.
In this way, we are working to develop technologies that help to resolve challenges.
Working with an entirely new sense of speed, we strive to realize timely product development that adds value for customers.

Creating new value that inspires customers and society

Taste and Quality

Brewer’s ruling passion created “Ichiban Shibori method”, which is one-and-only technique in the world*1

*1 MINTel  survey results : The beer is brewed by 100% malts and “Ichiban Shibori method” in certified brewery of ISO9001 which produces more than 1,300 KL (Oct 2010, Kirin Brewery research)

The world's first PET Bottle of Black Tea
The invention of Clear Iced Tea


Opening Up a New Market with a Cola Drink Designated as a Food for Specified Health Uses

Creating a New Market by Developing Patented Caffeine-Free Technology*2

*2 We launched the world's first* PET Bottle of Caffeine-Free Green Tea “Kirin Yasashisa-Namacha Caffeine Zero”in 2014, and “Kirin Namacha decaf”in 2017
We also launched the japan's first* PET Bottle of Caffeine-Free Black Tea“Gogo-no-Kocha kodawari-sozai” in 2015, and “Gogo-no-Kocha decaf”in 2017
* Based on Kirin Company research

The Environment

Kirin Alkali Water
Making the lightest 2L PET bottle in Japan *3


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