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November 8, 2007

Corporate Fact Sheet

[National Foods Limited]
1.Corporate Name: National Foods Limited
2.Location of Headquarter Office: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
3. Representative: Ashley Waugh*Managing Director
*Ashley Waugh will remain as MD after the acquisition. Masaki Harada will be seconded from Kirin Holdings as standing board member to National Foods from January 1, 2008.
4. Capital Stock:
  (As of FY ended December 2006)
A$680 million (Approx. ¥71.4 billion)
*A$1.00 = ¥105
5. Financial Results:
  (As of FY ended December 2006)
Net sales: A$1.84 billion (Approx. ¥193.2 billion)
Operating income: A$0.17 billion (Approx. ¥17.9 billion)
*A$1.00 = ¥105
6. Number of Employees:
  (As of FY ended December 2006)
About 3,500
7. Business Description:
  (Percentage of group sales, market share ranking in Australia)
  (As of FY ended December 2006)
Milk (46%, No.1), Dairy Foods (11%, Yogurt: No.1, Desserts: No.1), Juice (27%, No.1), Cheese and Gourmet Foods (11%: Specialty cheese: No.1), International Business (5%)
8. Core brands: Pura Milk (milk), Big M Flavored Milk (flavored milk)
,Farmers Union Iced Coffee (flavored milk)
Masters (flavored milk), King Island Dairy (cheese),
Tasmanian Heritage (cheese), Yoplait (yogurt),
Berri (juice)
9. Manufacturing Base: Total number of facilities: 24 (19 in Australia, 1 in New Zealand, 2 in Malaysia, 2 in Indonesia)
10. Company's Milestone:
1991 JV established by dairy farmer and food manufacturer then listed on Australia Stock Exchange
1992 Dairy company acquired
1995 Large-sized acquisition strategy commenced. Distributorship for French brand Yoplait acquired. Sales of Yoplait brand started in the following year
1999 Pura brand launched. It became Australia's first and only national milk brand
1999 Beverage division separated
2000 Big M brand acquired
2001 King Island Company acquired. Entered into specialty cheese market
2002 Won first national supermarket house brand milk contract
2005 Company acquired by San Miguel Corporation San Miguel subsidiary Berri Limited merged with NFL
2006 Specialty cheese manufacturer Lactos Pty Ltd acquired
2007 To be acquired by Kirin Holdings Company, Ltd.


© 2007 Kirin Holdings Company, Limited.

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