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December 22, 2014

Notice Concerning Changes to Group Management Organizational Structures

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited ("Kirin Holdings") Board of Directors adopted at a meeting held today a resolution to make the changes to the management organizational structures of Kirin Holdings and of Kirin Company, Limited ("Kirin Company"), its subsidiary, as set forth below.

1. Purpose of the Changes

The Kirin Group adopted the Kirin Group Vision 2021 ("KV2021"), Kirin's Long-Term Business Plan in 2012, and with a focus on "brand-centered management," began promoting autonomous management in each region with the aim of achieving sustainable growth throughout the group as a whole.
The Group will more thoroughly implement KV2021 by carrying out dynamic and appropriate decision-making regarding the strategic allocation of Group resources and by undertaking measures for the regrowth of the Japan Integrated Beverages Business with a sense of speed, the Group's most pressing issue, through the adoption of management organizational structures for more integrated operation of Kirin Holdings, which is responsible for the allocation of resources throughout the Group, and of Kirin Company, the driving force of the Japan Integrated Beverages Business.

2. Details of the Changes

(1) Kirin Holdings and Kirin Company will newly introduce executive officer systems. Some Kirin Holdings directors will also serve as Kirin Holdings executive officers, and some Kirin Company directors will do as Kirin Company executive officers; at the same time, Kirin Holdings executive officers and Kirin Company executive officers will serve in both positions, with some exceptions. This will create an executive structure capable of integrated and dynamic management of both Kirin Holdings and Kirin Company, establish a high degree of integration in decision-making and execution, and drive the regrowth of the Japan Integrated Beverages Business, the Group’s highest-priority issue.
Kirin Holdings executive officers will participate in the formulation of group-wide strategy and will be responsible for the execution of business or group functions. Kirin Company executive officers will participate in the formulation of strategies for the Japan Integrated Beverages Business and will be responsible for the execution of the businesses under Kirin Company or its functions.

(2) To bolster the Overseas Integrated Beverages Business, Brasil Kirin Participações e Representações S.A. and Kirin Holdings Singapore Pte, Ltd. will be placed under the authority of Kirin Holdings executive officers in charge.

(3) In conjunction with this change, the number of outside directors will be increased by one to three in order to reinforce supervisory functions.

3. Timing of the Changes

Implementation of the changes is scheduled for the end of March 2015.

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